Zonal Aztec 309 Touchscreen Epos 10,4" PoS Computer TS Touch  Black  NO PSU
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Zonal Aztec 309 Touchscreen Epos 10,4" PoS Computer TS Touch Black NO PSU (€45.00)

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Zonal Aztec 309 Epos Touchscreen 10,4" PoS Computer TS Touch  Black  NO PSU

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Zonal Aztec 309 Epos Touchscreen 10,4" PoS Computer TS Touch Black  NO PSU


No power supply included



Drawer 1

Drawer 2

Display Or BC Reader

Printer 1

Smart Card

Spare 1

Printer 2 or Download

Spare 2


The Zonal Touch Screens combine the proven capabilities of Zonal's hospitality management software with the latest in touch screen technology.

This system utilizes a flat-screen monitor allowing for easy order entry by providing aesthetically pleasing, colour-coded buttons to represent current menu or sub-menu items.

The changing menu allows for 192 presser keys, which can be linked to support 3,000 product lines.

Zonal registers are designed to provide multiple methods of security when the system is active: card identification, server identification number, or identification bracelet.

These methods assure that sales are credited to the proper server, and that unauthorized access to the register is minimized.


·  Base measurement=8.0" x 11.0"

·  Screen measurement=11.0" x 9.5" x 1.5" deep

·  Low Profile

·  Electronic server identification

·  192 preset keys

·  Color coded keys for easy identification

·  10 price ranges per product

·  Fast operation: instant keys response

·  Split check facility

·  Order interrupt for up to 6 servers

·  Recall facility

·  Split payments of same check

·  Up to 50 payment methods

·  Bill tendered facility

·  Full reports on sales, payments, staff, finance and inventory levels

·  Automatic, timed price changes

·  Remote printing

·  Time clock facility

·  Multiple levels of management control

·  Up to 3,000 product choices


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