Virtual Reality (Projection Converter)
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Virtual Reality (Projection Converter) (€4.99)

Located in Oostende (****)

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This product is an optical instrument. You can now project with a projector/beamer a floating Hologram image projection in your environment and you can see it with both your two eyes. This optical instrument will change the light direction of the eyes and of the projection.

* Ideal in combination with a projector to create an immersive augmented reality projection.
* Special effect in entertainment (musea, festivals, amusement parks, light shows, stadiums, headset with projectors etc).
* Augmented reality in combination with special effect in general.
* Large venue entertainment with industrial projectors
* Home entertainment

This is a sample!  A board kind of material which is not combined with synthetic material. Included user manual but no NO retail packaging.

When the converters are being bought in bulk the product material is synthetic with high Quality Carta Integra silk a cardboard kind of material. When you order in bulk every individual converter will come in a retail packaging included with a user manual. Size of the package 220 mm x 150 mm, hight 2,5 mm, weight of the product and packaging 35 grams.

Manufactured in Belgium.

Main applications:    Immersive Augmented Reality
Product:                   Converter
Category:                 Optical Instrument
Conversion:             Distorted Projection to Undistorted Projection 
Perspective:            4 Dimensional Perspective Projection
System:                   Natural System
Technology:             Basis Natural Technology

You can find bulk prizes of this product in my other eBay product list.

If you want to use the Converter also for promotion purposes i can customize it for you, like logo or any text print you want on the Converter, this is free of charge!  Always free shipping included! (only in bulk).

Bulk orders from 100 000 pcs is only € 0.40 pc.

I am the inventor and founder of the design and of the visual image. The design is NEW and also the visual image (the experience) the two eyes one can see is NEW, this all has been registered and is copyright protected. Do not try to copie this product or to try to make it beter. The product is already registered and the crucial design lines already the most simple (best) design lines possible.

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