Tektronix TLA715 logic analyzer with TLA7N4 (TLA714 TLA704)
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Tektronix TLA715 logic analyzer with TLA7N4 (TLA714 TLA704) (€800.00)

Located in Brussels (1082)

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Note: auction price includes Belgian VAT. Companies or professionals VAT-registered within the EU, or bidders located outside the EU, after positive verification, can receive a VAT-exempt invoice w/o VAT being charged.

For sale is a Tektronix TLA715 logic analyzer in good condition with:
  • an 136 channel / 2GHz timing / 4MS memory depth on all channels in parallel / 100MHz sync. clock TLA7N4 module
  • a P6434 and a P6417 probe to get you started
  • 10/100BASE-T network card
  • clean TLA software 5.1 SP1 / Windows 2000 with all existing updates / 512MB RAM / 60GB HDD (note: Windows license sticker is missing, it must have fallen off due to the heat / glue ageing as all these devices were licensed to the manufacturer)
It has been fully tested on all channels, passes all self tests and performs flawlessly. The display is good but somewhat yellowish and dimmer than a new one, and it has some defects (see pictures). All in all, display quality is still very acceptable and not at a point where it would need replacement. The front panel, sides and top have some scratches and dents, see pictures.

This analyzer is a highly versatile instrument and the best value you can buy today, be it for industrial, research or personal purposes. The MagniVu loupe around the trigger point allows you to always see a series of samples at the native acquisition speed, 2GS/s on all 136 channels in parallel that is. In addition, multiplex sampling at 2x is possible (double state speed and memory, half the channel count).

In addition, you can install the TLA software on a remote PC and connect over TCP/IP from basically anywhere to the analyzer, which makes this a very versatile setup. If you know your way around VXI commands, you can even interface to its modules using your own software.

Optionally available with a purchase are TLA oscilloscope modules, other TLA logic modules and probes, and probe lead sets. The unit is certainly in good functional condition, but in case you would be looking for a better one with a faster logic module, please see my other auctions.

Packaging will be done with great care.

No warranties nor returns apply, however you have the option of returning the device within 7 days of receipt in its original packaging, should you find it is not operational, damaged by transport or not as described above. Customer satisfaction is my top priority, please check my long standing feedback.

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