Racing Side-Car RDLC
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Racing Side-Car RDLC (€7000.00)

Located in Neufvilles (7063)

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Rear exit for Post-Classic class, Bakker frame 1979, 2 set of firing (yellow, new and one older blue)
Aragosta shocks front and rear, new tires (175/50/13), fuel tank +/-21L, Scitsu rev-counter and temperature gauge. Warning lights for neutral. 

Engine: RDLC 350 + 444cc Banshee kit.
Crankshaft and rod from RD 400
1 engine fully re-built (was ridden just 20min for test). New cylinders, pistons, rods, crankshaft and 
cylindre head
+ many parts for a second engine (RDLC engine block, cylinders, head and crankshaft).
HPI ignition - reinforced clutch. 

Ready to race

For sale because new side-car bought for P2 class. 
Seller in Belgium 

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