Plantronics Audio 655 DSP Black Headband Headset W/ Noise Canceling Mic Micropho
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Plantronics Audio 655 DSP Black Headband Headset W/ Noise Canceling Mic Micropho (€25.00)

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Plantronics Audio 655 DSP Black Headband Headset W/ Noise Canceling Mic Micropho

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usb interface

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Product Information
Competing priorities challenge the world to multitask. Electronics ease that process by creating compatible computer software, audio devices, and digital accessories. VoIP technology creates extra space on the desk at work and home by eliminating the need for a physical telephone. Instead, the Plantronics Audio 655 DSP headset connects to a softphone through a simple, 4-pin USB Type A computer connection. Virtual meeting software programs like Live Meeting and Lync by Microsoft, coupled with desktop computers and laptops equipped with cameras, make it possible to join video conferences while connected to the Internet. Both VoIP and virtual meeting programs retain engagement with important business meetings while keeping hands free to simultaneously tend to other work tasks or capture notes to document the information discussed. The accessories include the USB cable, which employs the ease of plug-and-play functionality. Background noise is not an issue due to the noise-cancelling microphone, which supports open dialogue for clear digital audio and sound video. When working in an open and noisy workspace, tune into the digital music movement to push out all the surrounding voices, noise, and distractions. The Plantronics Audio headset with dual earpieces also brings balance within the home environment by inviting the possibility for fun and entertainment. For gaming enthusiasts, the full range stereo speakers make gaming an immersive experience with the 20 Hz to 20 kHz speaker frequency response. Enjoy the clear audio sound quality while streaming movies. The audio that streams through the headset may be adjusted to any level without being concerned about waking others in the household. Connect the Plantronics headset via the USB cable to a personal computer or laptop and use a VoIP system to call family located back home to avoid long distance charges, or Skype to have a face-to-face conversation with loved ones miles away. Using the Plantronics headset through a VoIP system allows multitasking at home, enabling you to do everything from shopping to checking email. With the lightweight headset placed over the head and the soft cushions resting against the ears, the Plantronics Audio headset is worn comfortably throughout the day to avoid delays when it is time to quickly connect through the computer USB to join a conference call for work or a to avoid missing a call from friends or family. Adjust the volume of the stereo speakers with the volume controls located on the earpiece. The microphone boom is flexible to the needs of the headset wearer so it bends and rotates. When it is best to mute the microphone, the Fast Mic Mute technology mutes the microphone when the boom is raised. The Plantronics Audio 655 DSP headset is simple to use and comes in a basic black color, but is one of the most powerful communication accessories, because it gives the gift of freedom to do more than just focus on a telephone or conference call.


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