Packeteer 4500 PacketShaper Rackmount Ethernet 3892C046  27-0003-06
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Packeteer 4500 PacketShaper Rackmount Ethernet 3892C046 27-0003-06 (€125.00)

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Packeteer 4500 PacketShaper Rackmount Ethernet 3892C046  27-0003-06

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Packeteer 4500 PacketShaper Rackmount Ethernet 3892C046 


045 10003018



The PacketShaper 4500 is a 2U rackmount box with two 10/100 Ethernet ports (you can add two expansion modules as well, for up to six ports). Packeteer's product offers the most granularity in setting policies, has an impressive classification engine, and has what we consider the best user interface. Although it has a command-line interface, most configuration is performed via a Web browser. And unlike all the other vendors, the browser interface is standard HTML, not a Java applet or Win32 application.

The box has a pass-through failover relay, which means it turns into a wire when the power is off. While downloading a file, we unplugged the PacketShaper and the transfer continued, though obviously with no QoS control. The products from Allot and Sitara also offer this capability.

Initially, you'll probably install the PacketShaper in monitor-only mode. This is so you can gather a list of protocols being used and determine what is causing problems. Protocols are assigned "classes," and policies can be set on any class. Protocols that use a lot of bandwidth or appear often will show up in the "traffic" class listing. Less frequently seen protocols end up in the "default" class. You can create subclasses as well, based on host name, address, subnet or ports; Citrix and HTTP traffic can be subdivided even further. Each class can be assigned a chunk of dedicated bandwidth, and you can set maximum and minimum rates per connection



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