NORTEL PDMX-E NTU2P OPTO4X2 - Programmable Digital Multiplexer
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NORTEL PDMX-E NTU2P OPTO4X2 - Programmable Digital Multiplexer (€59.00)

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NORTEL PDMX-E NTU2P OPTO4X2 - Programmable Digital Multiplexer

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PDMX-E is a Programmable Digital Multiplexer with a total system solution for private user digital telecommunications networks to carry voice and data traffic.

The major building block is based on up-graded of PDMX telecommunications product and managed using Network Manager.

PDMX-E MUX Controller unit supports different range of Tributary units and compatible with impending Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) legislation.

PDMX-E equipment can be connected to 2048 kbit/s bearers, microwave radio bearers or optical lines. This equipment makes possible the realisation of Integrated Digital Network at the transmission level, thus enabling switches (PABX, Packet and data contenders) to be used with maximum advantages.

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