NETAPP P/N 108-00405-B0 HGST 600GB 10k with caddy (june/2018)
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NETAPP P/N 108-00405-B0 HGST 600GB 10k with caddy (june/2018) (€16.95)

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NETAPP P/N 108-00405-B0 HGST 600GB 10k with caddy (june/2018)

The Company with valid VAT number of EU - member can reduce the payment with 21%.

Please send us the VAT number in advance for control.

Cheapest hardware with warranty !


General conditions:
Article 1 - Applicability of the general conditions
These general invoice terms are applicable to the following services: sales, repairs, maintenance. Between IT RECUP and customer

- The customer acknowledges these conditions have read, understand and accept the contractual relations between the parties.

Deviations from these terms and conditions are only valid if confirmed in writing.


Article 2 - Quotations - orders
The prices and conditions as stated on the tenders extends only valid for 30 days and / or as long stock.

- An order / contract is binding only if expressly accepted and signed by IT récup


Article 3 - Payment
- All invoices must be paid within 30 days.

- In the event of non-payment at maturity is legally and without any notice of a conventional default interest of 12%, from the due date. Any late payment by the customer gives IT RECUP also the right to a fixed compensation to count 10% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of 50 €, this to cover the administrative costs of IT récup, without prejudice to the possibility for IT RECUP to prove a higher compensation, with all the resources of law, including testimonials and suspicions.

- All costs incurred as a result of the enforcement of payment via amicable and legal proceedings, including judicial officers and attorneys' fees, to be passed on to the customer.

- The non-payment of an invoice by the due date, all outstanding invoices due and payable, regardless of their maturity.

All payments will be charged as compensation for interest and damages.


Article 4 - Delivery or performance of the service
- The delivery and / or execution time are provided only for information purposes and are not binding.

- When due to force majeure or unforeseen circumstances IT RECUP a position to perform the contract within a reasonable period of time in the possibility, IT RECUP reserves the right to terminate the agreement or to suspend the execution of the agreement that purpose by the customer can be claimed any compensation from IT récup.

- If goods transported by IT-RECUP, or be sent, this happens at the expense and risk of the customer, all risks could subject the goods to which bears as of the close of the contract. IT-recup can never be responsable for damage or loss of the goods. This is on responsability of the courier. If the buyer receives damaged article he must ask damagereport at driver from courier. IT-recup can only make claim when damagereport is provided. Paypal can not refund if no damagereport is send to IT-recup by the buyer.


Article 5 - Visible defects - Hidden Defects
- Any complaint about visible or hidden defects, IT récup should reach by registered post / mail within 5 working days of delivery / receipt of goods.

- IT RECUP is only liable for hidden defects that exist at the time of delivery / placement.

- Complaints about hidden defects must on pain of forfeiture by registered letter to The Computer Shop to be notified within 5 working days after the adoption of the defect. Moreover, such a claim must be brought within a period of one year after the discovery. Penalty of forfeiture


Article 6 - Retention of title
- Sales IT récup owns the goods until full payment of the fees payable.


Article 7 - Validity of the general conditions
- If certain provisions of this Agreement would be declared void for breach of the applicable law, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect between the parties.


Article 8 - Jurisdiction - Applicable law
All disputes arising from this Agreement will be resolved exclusively by the competent courts of the district of Leuven, the Belgian law. All claims arising from this agreement shall be brought before the competent court within 3 months after the onset of the claim by the customer, on pain of forfeiture.

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