Matrix Enterasys Series E7 - Fast ENET - 2X PSU - 6107
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Matrix Enterasys Series E7 - Fast ENET - 2X PSU - 6107 (€499.00)

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Matrix Enterasys Series E7 - Fast ENET - 2X PSU

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Matrix Enterasys E7


1x Fast ENET


Smart Switch 6000


3x Fast ENET



2x PSU


A flagship in Enterasys Networks' award-winning line of enterprise switching solutions, the Matrix E7 enhances the proven performance of the Matrix E6, providing a path for emerging technologies such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) optical uplinks and Jumbo Frame Support. The Matrix E6 is a workhorse in the wiring closet, and the Matrix E7 builds upon those capabilities with the increased speed and functionality that's required in high-performance wiring closets or data centers. This high-powered performance is available thanks to the Matrix E7's 42-Gigabit backplane which is scalable to 420 Gigabit. With business becoming more dependent on the network, the traffic control capabilities inherent in the Matrix E7 allow users to better control business-critical applications such as Voice-over-IP and multicast video, making it truly an Intelligent Access Platform. Through the use of embedded directory-enabled services and system management tools, Enterasys delivers ease of use as well as total network visibility. And as the network infrastructure continues to shoulder more and more of the business, the Matrix E7 provides the intelligent tools that allow administrators to align the network closer to the goals of the overall organization. Unmatched built-in features power network automation, while business demands grow, administrative tasks won't. With the Matrix E7 and Enterasys networking architecture, one "click" equals a thousand actions.



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