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Véritable combiné de technologies de pointe, le Smart Keyboard ne ressemble à aucun autre clavier. Complet et complètement portable, il se connecte à l’iPad Pro à l’aide du Smart Connector. Une fois connecté, vous n’avez rien à faire. Le Smart Keyboard est instantanément prêt à s’activer sous vos doigts. Et lorsque vous avez fini, il se replie pour former une protection fine et légère.

Handy in use, handy to carry
Expand the Smart Keyboard if you need it. Are you ready? Fold it back and it will be a super thin lightweight cover for your iPad Pro. The design is both stylish and strong and therefore ideal for everyday use. Even if you make long days.

Letter for letter protected
The Smart Keyboard features a top layer of wear-resistant material that has been machined with laser to give each key the correct shape. The same material also gives the keys their resilience, which makes the usual mechanism unnecessary. Due to this, the Smart Keyboard is only 4mm thin, while it's just as accurate, stable and nice when you're used to it.
Flexible communication
Apple technicians have applied a layer of metal that guides both current and data to a thin layer of nylon. You do not need to charge the innovative keyboard. Just click iPad Pro on your Smart Keyboard and start typing. In addition, the conductive material is so sturdy that you can fold it endlessly.
Three ingenious layers
The Smart Keyboard cover is made up of three types of material. As with a Smart Cover, the top layer is made of strong polyurethane and the bottom of very soft microfiber. This way your screen is well protected from dirt and damage. The middle layer is a technical state of the art. This layer consists of an advanced conductive material along which all communication between iPad Pro and the Smart Keyboard expires.
No plugs, no buttons, no fuss
The Apple Connected Smart Connector ensures smooth communication between Smart Keyboard and iPad Pro. You'll find it on the edge of the Smart Keyboard and on the side of your iPad Pro. The Smart Connector connects to the conductive layer in the Smart Keyboard. Together they provide power and data traffic. The result is a user-friendly and at the same time extremely advanced keyboard.

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