Egypt TIP blue-green faience overseer shabti of Nesychonsoe
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Egypt TIP blue-green faience overseer shabti of Nesychonsoe (€2599.00)

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Third Intermediate Period, early 22th dynasty (950-817BC), period of the pharao's Soshenq, Osorkon and Takelot.
Blue-green faience overseer shabti of Nesychonsoe details added in black, 12,5 cm high.
A single column of hieroglyphs are on the front, saying "The Osiris, Nesychonsoe, true of voice.
This sahbti has been inspected by Prof.Dr.niwinski (Uni Warchau-Poland) and by Dr.Wimmer (Uni München)
These group of shabtis has been tested with a TL-test of Ralf Kotalla, dating them to 2900 years old.
Nesychonsoe was a female singer for Amun, propably she was a member of the family of male and female priest.
This shabti is a very rare seen overseer shabti: the style is of the living.The left arm is stretched out downwords, the feeth and toes are detailed, short hair and the absence of the characteristic kilt.
Untill now there is only 1 specimen known of this serie lacking the kilt, style of arms, short hair and feet and toes.
Schneider 1, pg 236
For similar items, but not the special rare overseer, see Bonhams, sale 15216 and Harlan J. Berk
Provenance: German collection VB, then the personnal collection of Dik van Bommel (Netherlands)

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