Egypt TIP blue faience shabti of Nes(y)-Khonsu
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Egypt TIP blue faience shabti of Nes(y)-Khonsu (€1999.00)

Located in Zedelgem (****)

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Third Intermediate Period, 21st dynasty (ca 1000BC)
This is a very nice blue faience shabti, wearing the headband and net basket on the back.Details are added in black.
It measures 9 cm.
The hieroghlyps on the front says: "The Osiris, Nesi-Khonsu".
There is a shabti of this lady at the University of Zurich, and has been studied by Schlögl and Brodbeck "Agyptische Totenfiguren" pg.228 (no.151) and others in Valbelle "Ouchebtis",pp.59-60 (no.134)
Further refence: Aegyptiaca Helvetica pg. 56 Nr. 45, Thebe, XX dynasty.
Seven different individuals are found for Nes(y)-Khonsu.Two of them were found at the cachettes (Pinedjem's wife and in the cache 2)Five of them were found at Deir-el-Medina.Three of these ladies just owned terracotta shabtis.The other two ladies owned faience shabtis, but one of the ladies was fragmented, and the faience was in very bad condition.
So there is only 1 lady left, intact and very rare!
From the personal collection of Dik van Bommel, Netherlands.

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