Canon FAX-B180C Fax Copier multifunctional color USB Printer
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Canon FAX-B180C Fax Copier multifunctional color USB Printer (€79.00)

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Canon FAX-B180C Fax Copier multifunctional color USB Printer


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Canon FAX-B180C Fax Copier multifunctional color USB Printer


Canon B180C Description

Canon Bubble Jet Engine technology means the FAX-B180C gives high quality plain paper runouts again and again, even if the phone connection is poor. The machine can handle up to 20 sheet transmissions automatically and Error Correction Mode ensures your faxes stay clear. The paper tray holds up to 100 sheets so you spend less time refilling it.

Crisp, Clear Images
The ?stepped? effect found on incoming faxes is a thing of the past with the FAX-B180C, thanks to the smoothing effect of high dpi reproduction. On outgoing faxes images are clearly defined and grey tones evenly graduated. 

Save Time and Money
Transmitting documents at 6 seconds per page, the FAX-B180C makes your fax times shorter and your phone bills smaller. Dual Access means you can receive or send faxes at virtually the same time you are preparing another fax job. And you can make life easy by programming up to 12 one-touch pre-sets and up to 100 coded calls. 

With the FAX-B180C?s 42 page memory you?ll never miss a fax, as incoming transmissions are stored for printing out later. With the help of the bright LCD display you scan documents quickly and easily and even let the machine transmit them later using the Delayed Transmission function.


Canon B180C Additional Details

  • Modem - 14.4 Kbps modem six seconds per page
  • Print - Colour printer function
  • Memory - 42-page fax memory
  • Feeder - 20 sheet automatic document feeder
  • Features - 12 one-touch and 100 coded dials
  • Features - Error correction mode
  • Features - Ink saver mode

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