Brass lens - “The Sunflower, JR.,  J.F. Standiford,
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Brass lens - “The Sunflower, JR., J.F. Standiford, (€75.00)

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Here’s a little unusual lens for you.

A lens and shutter ensemble composed of a Victus Shutter by Wollensak Optical Co, Rochester NY.
with a brass barrel holding the front element and the barrel that is painted black contains the back element.
The shutter is operated by a trigger and pump action. Currently doesn’t work but it did up until recently, I think it’s a simple fix I believe but I don’t have the know how.
It has 2 Blades and the speeds indicated are: T, B , 1/100, 1/50, 1/25
Covers no more than 4x5.

The glass is in excellent condition, it only has a few faint cleaning marks.


The lens is unnamed but marked:

“The Sunflower, JR.,

J.F. Standiford,

Fort Scott,


The research I’ve done tells me tells me that this is dated between 1909 and 1913 the Victus shutters were renamed Victo in 1914.

A person named John on a forum explained that JF Standiford was a portrait photographer and had a studio in Fort Scott Kansas who also had a mail order photography business and sold cameras with his name on them. The name "sunflower jr. " was a camera "kit" Standiford sold, maybe was a cycle camera (large format clamshell box camera) ...”

Other research reveals that “J. F. Standiford is a native of West Virginia, part of his life having been spent in Illinois and Kansas. He came to Muskogee, Indian Territory, in the spring of 1878, and there erected his art gallery and residence, engravings of which will be found in the grouped illustration. Mr. Standiford is the only licensed photographer in the Indian Territory, and has, without comparison, the neatest and best equipped gallery in the nation. He is ably assisted in his work by his wife and sister, the latter doing all the negative retouching, etc. A novel feature in the finishing department is a revolving printing room, a most complete addition to his gallery, and wholly an invention of his own, there being not another of its kind in existence. Another original device, his own recent invention, is an ingenious electric retouching apparatus, which is novel and useful. Mr. Standiford is, unquestionably, one of the finest photographic artists in the Southwest”

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