Belkin 12 cm Mini displayport to vga adapter 12 cm 5 inch black
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Belkin 12 cm Mini displayport to vga adapter 12 cm 5 inch black (€9.95)

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View content from your laptop on a bigger screen with the Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter. When used in conjunction with a VGA cable (sold separately), this adapter connects your laptop to VGA-enabled devices, such as computer monitors and projectors. Simply plug the adapter into your laptop's Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt™ port, connect a VGA cable, and share your laptop's content with a larger audience.

Note: This adapter plugs into the Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt™ port found on MacBooks and many Ultrabooks and tablets. Please check your device to confirm compatibility. A VGA cable (sold separately) is required for use. The adapter is equipped for video only. A separate audio cable is required to stream audio.

  • 5” adapter
  • Easy plug and play allows seamless display of your laptop and tablet content to an external monitor or projector
  • Molded-strain relief provides flexibility at the connection points
  • Video only. Need separate audio cable

Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter

  • mini DisplayPort/thunderbolt (male) to VGA (female) connection
  • Use in conjunction with VGA cable (not included)
  • Ideal for connecting MacBooks/UltraBooks to external monitors
  • Use for movies, presentations, workstations and more
  • Compact, portable 5 inch adapter
  • Plug and Play
  • Molded strain relief provides extra flexibility at the connection points
  1. ! video only, seperate audio cable needed !
  2. ! seperate VGA cable not included !
  3. ! please check if your device is compatible (VGA port and mini DisplayPort/thunderbolt) !
  4. If there are problems or if you need more information don't hesitate to contact us



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