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BONECO U650 (€155.00)

Located in grimbergen (****)

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Cool or warm humidity can be produced by the push of a button. In winter, warm mist prevents a drop in room temperature; in summer, cool mist provides pleasant freshness. The hygrostat controls the relative humidity, which can be set as required. The water output can be set using the output control. The mist can be distributed in the room in two directions using the double jet nozzle. The dimmer of the digital display enables particularly convenient nighttime operation. An empty indicator shows you when it is time to add water. Additional features: Multifunction display with practical reminders (refill water, cleaning required), 3 performance levels, Sleep Mode for low noise during night time, timer function, easy cleaning and handling, double jet nozzle, high quality components, includes essential water maintenance accessories (Hydro Cell, Demineralization cartridge and EZCal).

- High Output: Up to 3.5 gallons/24 hours for rooms up to 650 sq ft
- Auto Mode for fully automated operation
- Surface touch buttons for sleek design
- Digital display with dimmer and programmable hygrostat
- Warm or cool mist, the choice is yours

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