ATEN 2-Port Free-Standing Slim KVM Switch (CS72A) - EXCL PSU
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ATEN 2-Port Free-Standing Slim KVM Switch (CS72A) - EXCL PSU (€59.00)

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ATEN 2-Port Free-Standing Slim KVM Switch (CS72A) - EXCL PSU


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ATEN (CS72A) 2-Port Free-Standing Slim KVM Switch Features:

  • Control 2 computers from a single PS/2 console (PS/2 keyboard, monitor, and PS/2 mouse)
  • Compact vertical-standing design - custom connector layout
  • Power On detection - automatically switches to the first powered
  • On port - automatically switches to the next powered on port of the current one is shut down
  • Auto scan function to monitor computer operation LED display for easy status monitoring
  • Easy installation- no software required
  • Hot pluggable - add or remove computers without powering down the switch
  • Keyboard and mouse emulation for error free booting
  • Caps lock, num lock, and scroll lock states are saved and restored when switching
  • Supports Microsoft IntelliMouse and the scrolling wheel on most mice
  • Superior vide quality - up to 1920 x 1440; DDC, DDC2, DDC2B Non powered

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