7x Mini HDD, Apple Ipod, Mac, Laptop
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7x Mini HDD, Apple Ipod, Mac, Laptop (€30.00)

Located in Dison (****)

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Lot de 7 mini HDDs, je n'ai pas la possibilité de les tester, c'est pour cela qu'ils sont vendus pour pièces.
Lot of 7 mini HDDs, I do not have the opportunity to test them, that's why they are sold for parts.

1).  2x Hitachi HTC424020F7AT00 20GB Hard Drive

2). Western Digital Cu140 Caviar Ultra Lite 40mb Pcmcia Drive Windo
3). Toshiba MK4006GAH - hard drive - 40 GB - ATA-100
4). Toshiba 20GB 4200RPM ATA-100 2MB Cache 1.8-inch Hard Disk Drive Model: MK2006GALC
5). Samsung Spinpoint N1C HS122JF 120GB Internal 5400RPM 1.8" (HS122JF) HDD
6). Toshiba MK6006GAH Laptop Hard Drive
Interface Types: IDE ATA 1.8in ZIF.
Form Factor: 1.8inx5mm.

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