3Com OfficeConnect Ethernet Hub 4 3C16704A 4x Rj45 10/100 - EXCL PSU
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3Com OfficeConnect Ethernet Hub 4 3C16704A 4x Rj45 10/100 - EXCL PSU (€45.00)

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3Com OfficeConnect Ethernet Hub 4 3C16704A 4x Rj45 10/100 - EXCL PSU

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Excluding power supply


With 3Com's 3C16704 OfficeConnect� integrated family of networking products, you can share computer resources, access the Internet, and connect to remote locations or uses, all for a price that's ideal for the small office budget. The reliable entry-level 3Com� OfficeConnect Ethernet Hub 4 offers the greatest economy for the small office, with four unmanaged UTP Ethernet ports providing support for up to four users. A MDI-MDIX port simplifies installation and configuration, providing an easy connection to a server, end station, or another hub or switch. Best of all, the award-winning OfficeConnect product family—with its plug-and-play design, compact footprint, silent operation, reliability, and FCC Class B rating—is ideally adapted to the small commercial or home office.

Connectors: Four RJ-45 ports for 10BASE -T twisted-pair
Dimensions: Width: 220 mm (8.7 in); Height: 35.8 mm (1.4 in);
Depth: 135.4 mm (5.3 in); Weight: 500 g (1.1 lb)
Power: 11 VA
Environmental: EN 60068 (IEC 68)

Reliable OfficeConnect Ethernet hubs are specifically designed for small businesses with basic network requirements or the need to connect to legacy coax networks. Shipping with every hub is the updated OfficeConnect Network Assistant CD, available in five languages—English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish—that guides users step-by-step through system-level Internet or LAN installation, setup, and simple troubleshooting techniques. Lifetime Limited Warranty guarantees OfficeConnect hubs and switches, including the power adapter, for life. Ninety days free technical telephone support and unlimited web support provides assistance when you need it most.


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