1 x BARIX Exstreamer 120 2010.8067 Multifunctional IP Audio Decoder inc. VAT
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1 x BARIX Exstreamer 120 2010.8067 Multifunctional IP Audio Decoder inc. VAT (€107.50)

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BARIX Exstreamer

Multifunctional IP audio decoder for commercial streaming audio applications, AAC+ capable. Removed from a working environment, used in a rather sizeable setup in a Zoo. In good condition, some annoying service tags have been removed, most still seem to have the protective plastic on the screens and IR ports as well. Best condition ships first as per usual, but at worst there are some superficial usagemarks.

Comes complete with  EU PSU (very standard plug 9 or 12V, these seem to accept a rather wide range of power supplies). The 120 has a few extra features, such as an LCD, microSD slot and optional IR control.

They were set for decoding only (from an Instreamer), so we've updated them with the latest streaming firmware for testing, which means it gets an IP via DHCP and automatically starts playing the Barix streaming radio station when connected to the internet.

Other parts of the same installation may still be available in our other listings.

1 x BARIX Exstreamer 120 2010.8067 Multifunctional IP Audio Decoder

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